We understand the keys to a successful business.

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We understand the keys to a successful business.

San Diego Financial Services

Imagine having all the right financial data at your fingertips so you can manage your company and make informed decisions. We guarantee that your books are accurate, within the law. We provide you the right information so you can grow your business.

Accounting Services

Depending on your size and needs we provide the following services:

Business Accounting Services

We handle your daily, weekly and monthly accounting needs based on your size:
Small Business: Revenues of $0 – $500,000 per year
Medium-Sized Business: Revenues of $250,000 – $750,000 a year
Large Business: Revenues of $750,000 – $10 Million a year

With access to the insight and experience of a knowledgeable financial professional, you get assistance with:

• Ensuring that bank reconciliations match supporting documentation (and notification if there are discrepancies).
• Reviewing loans to ensure that interest and principal payments are recorded properly.
• Ensuring that retained earnings and equity accounts reflect managements’ true intentions.
• Setting up new business’s accounting systems.
• Preparing payroll tax returns.
• Maintaining accounts receivable and accounts payable ledgers.
• Calculating depreciation and maintaining fixed asset ledgers.
• Recording accruals and adjusting journal entries.
• Reconciling balance sheet accounts and bank statements.

We also create varying levels of financial statement reports, saving you time and ensuring accuracy:

• Compilation Reports—We prepare your financial statements to meet industry standards, based on the information you provide.
• Reviews—We provide some assurance on the accuracy of your financial statements by reviewing your statements and looking for anomalies.
• Audits—We examine internal controls, perform analytical procedures and carry out substantive testing of transactions, so you get an unbiased, expert opinion on your statements.