Mike’s Testimonial

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I have a small contracting business. I do alarms in residences under construction primarily. Over quite a long period of time, when the economy was bad, prices were driven down by that, and some other factors. The margins were very thin, but the overhead stayed the same. You pay the bills, you have to pay to keep going, and you put the taxes off. Then one day, it becomes an obstacle that’s almost impossible to remove. I had a very serious tax problem. I had unfiled returns, and liabilities well into six figures. It was pretty clear that something was going to have to be done, before something got done to me. I was talking to somebody about it, and they referred me to Robert, fortunately. I met with him, and he turned out to be one of those somewhat unique individuals that’s real easy to talk to, even about something that you don’t really like talking about. He combines that with being an exceptional, professional, competent person. I knew pretty quickly that he was the person I wanted to be my advocate.
I’ve spoken to the IRS people before, and it’s not so much intimidating, as you don’t know all the things they know. They’re professionals on their side, and you’re an amateur. The likelihood is you’re going to get worked over. They start sending you certified letters, and threatening this, and threatening that. It’s intimidating. I knew immediately that he was the person I wanted to work with. Once you sign an agreement and make him your representative in the matter, they stop bothering you, and they call him. Then, you work with him to provide the information that he needs to do his job for you. I settled for a percentage, a fairly small percentage, of what I actually owed, in exchange for agreeing to keep things straight for at least five years. I was very pleased with it. It worked out well for me. I was able to continue with my business, and not suffer any severe consequences. Yeah, it worked out really well.
I suspect that one of the reasons he’s successful in this segment of his business is that the people, our adversaries, in the Internal Revenue Service, probably see him somewhat the way I do, as an experienced and competent tax person. I think he probably gets some leverage there in working with them. He believes in what he’s doing, as well as knowing what he’s doing. He can be very persuasive, without being offensive, when he’s working with them.