Curtis Testimonial

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I own a cleaning company. We clean nightclubs, restaurants, homes, whatever, but mainly nightclubs and restaurants. I used to be a chef, and then I figured our cleaning crew sucked … I was like, “You know what? I can do that better,” soon I got tired of cooking in the kitchen so I decided to start a cleaning company because I figured I could do it better.
I thought back then I was doing everything right. When you’re starting off in a small business, you don’t want to pay anybody, and especially when it comes to if you have to pay somebody to do your taxes and stuff like that because you think it’s simple. You think you can just buy, do everything, and then at the end of the year it’s okay. I did that for 6 or 7 years then realized that I was paying this person wrong or not putting this money over here where it’s supposed to be or not paying quarterly so I can avoid all this stuff. Once it all came down, they said it was 250 or 80 thousand dollars, I was like, “Wow.”
Tax issues come because when you start off you don’t know that you need a CPA and accountant. You think that you can do it on your own and just go to a regular income tax person, so after getting everything all messed up on my own, I paid another company before Robert, and they stole my money. The companies that you see on the TV, they kept, “Oh, send me 2 thousand,” or, “Send me 3 thousand,” and so when I got to sending them up to about 10 to 15 thousand, they disappeared. Yep. Shutdown, went out of business, whatever they did, and I never got the money back. I hired a friend of mine to help me out, and she ended up finding Robert. He took over from there and got everything fixed for me.
When I met him, honestly, I was like, “Okay, nerdy guy, he should be able to figure out what to do.” I was convinced that he would be able to take care of it, if that makes sense, and I knew he was trustworthy. With the other company that I tried to use, I never met nobody. It was just over the phone. They sold you a good story and said, “Hey, we can do this. We can do that,” but it was all about money right then and there. Before you even got off the phone, before they did anything, “Oh, I need you to take care of this first. I need you to pay me.”